DD-WRT v24 SP1 is very cool

I just upgraded from v23 SP2 to the new v24 SP1 firmware from dd-wrt.   I am hoping my internet connection is more stable with the new release, since I moved I have been having intermittent issues where the connection drops for a few seconds throughout the day.  Dd-wrt doesn't seem to produce comprehensive release notes so here is my list of things I like in the new version.

  • MAC address are linked to the IEEE vendor search so you can click on a MAC address and find the vendor of the Ethernet card. 
  • There is now a bandwidth monitor with a very cool scrolling graph, three graphs actually LAN, WAN & wireless.
  • Active IP Connections now has a popup that lists all the connections. It would be nicer if you could sort by connection type, all the stale connections are not so interesting. 
  • There is a traffic counter for the wan link, in the last 32 minutes I have downloaded 8MB and uploaded 1MB of stuff. And a bit more in the picture.

That is all the flashy stuff they added.  Other things that I am interested in that look improved are VPN support, and hopefully a fix for my mysterious network issues.  My ISP says no issue on their end, not that they are trust worthy in that regard.  And I can't really phone them up when the connection goes down because it would be back up before I would be able to get through to anyone.   So I am crossing my fingers that the problem is on my end and therefore fixable.