Vista 64bit Experience

The Good
  • Lots of Memory, my regular usage is just over 4GB, so no swapping with 8GB of real RAM.  
  • Most things work with out any issues.  This is much improved over my experience trying 64 bit in beta.
  • Very fast file transfers, between two my two main machines I got up to 50MB a second.  Drive to drive on the new machine I have gotten over 100MB a second for large files.  This is probably more this being a new faster machine then 64 bit.  
  • No problems with the games I have tried, but that hasn't been many, or for very long.

The Bad
  • Windows Easy Transfer doesn't work, I was trying to move things from my old machine but it just crashes
  • Windows Media Player crashes on first run, the second time you run it, it works fine.  Microsoft blames nVidia and suggest new drivers, new drivers do nothing.New drivers released Sept 12, 2008 fixed this issue.
  • Edit and continue doesn't work in VS.NET for 64bit processes.  On the plus side it doesn't matter to much because everything is so fast.