Gale Force Nine 5 Piece Diamond Micro File review

I picked up the Gale Force Nine 5 Piece Diamond Micro File set because my current files are getting a bit old.  As I was buying some other items Paul from Dice Bag Games gave me the files if I wrote a review on them.  
I liked the files because they are small and the set had a half moon file which is really the only style of file I really use.  The five files include a half moon, flat, round, square, and triangle. The files turned out to be a bit too small, well too short really you really need to use very short strokes.  
The files are covered in fine sand like coating, the diamonds I guess.  When using the files this results in a finish that has fine scratches instead on a normal wavy flat file pattern.  I found it difficult to get a smooth finish.   They also take of material slightly slower than normal files, this seems to be mostly due to the shorter length of the diamond files. The files worked better on metal then on plastic pieces, the scratchy finish was worse on plastic.  One nice thing about the files is that they do not look like they clog up easily as there are no grooves.
The diamond files will be added to my collection of tools as they are small enough to get into places my normal files can reach. If you need small files I would look for other options before buying these.  I do not know how long the diamond finish will last.